SynthIz is a label that was founded by Izaac, which was Italo Disco DJ and made many mixes on Mixcloud and YouTube under Izaaculate Mixes. He began to start getting more into Italo Disco and ended up finding some good Italo rarities. Around March he had an idea to start a new Italo-Disco label bringing these rarities to life. He started getting into mastering and remastering music and became better at it overtime, he digitally remasters and masters songs. He mixes and remasters music, so he decided that he’d start the new label and release music without promoting it or showing it to the public. He picked one of his first obscure Italo jams “Din Don” by Evo and he published and released a digital release of Din Don with “Best Record” Italy’s remasters with his on the 7″ Version and it ended up getting a lot of streams encouraging him to do more with this project. In June he continued on with the project with 3 more new Italo Disco singles but with his own remasters and re-mixes. Later on in June up to SynthIz’s fourth release, he announced the label to the public finally and created social media pages and promotions. In June 27 he released his fourth release with his proudly remastered and re-mixed songs of the single “Performance” by Cube and the label got some more attention. SynthIz recently also started a new Radio consisiting all of Izaac’s Italo-Disco collection and best italo songs which is On Air 24/7. SynthIz has more releases coming soon in July.

(Izaaculate Mixes) (Izaaculate)

DJ, Digital Mixing and Mastering engineer. Founder of SynthIz.

Email: izaacgamingyt@gmail.com