Cube is an 80s italo-disco new wave dance trio consisting of English man Paul Griffiths, 2 Italian members Rudy Trevisi and Serse May. Paul Griffiths from Swindon U.K. was the vocalist and frontman of Cube. Rudy Trevisi saxophone musician from Italy did the keyboards, sax, percussions, backing vocals, he was also a member of the Peter Jacques Band. Serse May did the Synthesizers, keyboards, backing vocals.
Producer Mauro Malavasi worked with Rudy Trevisi to form the group, Mauro found a British man in the U.K. for vocals which ended up being Paul Griffiths. They were all gonna go for a electronic dance pop type of genre or also now known as Italo Disco. They were most popular in Italy. They released a very successful hit single in 1982 Two Heads Are Better Than One which was the theme song for Italian Music TV program “discoring“. And they released a few successful singles in 1983. Later on in 1983, these singles were included in their debut album “Can Can In The Garden” which had 8 tracks and did well in Italy. They released a few more singles in 1984, 85 and 86 before the group unknowingly separates and stops releasing music under the group name going their separate ways. Unfortunately later on in 2015 Paul Griffiths passed away after being reported as missing in Swindon. And Rudy Trevisi passed away in 2017.



Can Can In The Garden – 1983


Two Heads Are Better Than One – 1982
Prince Of The Moment – 1983
Concert Boy – 1983

Concert Boy (12″ & 7″ Version) – 1984
Performance – 1985

Love’s Taboo – 1986