The Future Of SynthIz...

Posted on February 11, 2022 by Izaaculate

- Alec Mansion

Hello everyone it’s a new year, and it’s been a while since our first remaster and release. We want to update everyone on what’s next to  come this year of 2022, we have more new releases planned onto more of a focus on Euro Disco in general, not just Italo Disco. We’ve been exploring a lot of other 80s jems, French, Italian mostly. We will be releasing new remasters of old good jems of Euro Disco, along with some Italo rarities. As you can see, “Synthiz” is now “SNY” in short, we are company that now focuses on other things too, not just music. But we plan on going forward to releasing great 80s music for everyone to enjoy as well! But aside from music we also now run a new shop website, which you can check out that’s coming soon, it focuses mainly on high quality home decor products, if you’re interested check it out here! We are expanding our horizons with SNY.

Anyways stay tuned for next month, more info on the next new release soon! Ciao! Au revoir!

-SNY 2022